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Welcome to the advocates page. If you would like to become more involved in the process of trying to create a bigger better skatepark for the Charlottesville and surrounding community, please feel free to email Duane at dbrown@freestyle or stop by Freestyle and speak to Duane in person.


 We welcome all levels of help and participation. Whether you have a few ideas you’d like to share or if you are interested in becoming a committee member please let us here from you.

 Committee Members


 Duane Brown – Local Skater; Skateboard and snowboard manager for Freestyle; Owner – DWB SK8S/Fallen Star Skateboards/ Willis Longboards;  Original advocate for the McIntire Skatepark; Consultant for other area skateparks including Harrisonburg, Staunton, Wintergreen, Massanutten and Bath County; Owner – Upper Deck Screen Printing; Owner – Transdown Construction (Skateboard ramp designing/building).

 Duane is a Charlottesville native and has been skateboarding “since the metal wheel days”. He has been an advocate for a public skatepark since the mid 70’s and has been a part of the development of McIntire Skatepark from the beginning. He built and donated the original miniramp that was starting point of the permanent Skatepark. Through the years he has volunteered his time in the upkeep repair and construction at different phases throughout the skatepark history.

 “Through the Green Skate Project I’d like to see theCharlottesville’s skatepark evolve and develop into the best skatepark inVirginia. My personal focus is on the up and coming kids and the style of skating that is on the forefront of their future as well as a pleasing environment that any citizen will be proud to showcase within their neighborhood park.”



Jesse Ewers–  Jesse is a 24 year oldCharlottesvillenative that has been skating for over 10 years. He has been a team rider for freestyle since 2007 and has also been sponsored by a few skateboard brands. He currently works at Freestyle in the skateboard department and back shop. He co-owns and operates Rewind Clothing with a longtime skateboard friend based in Philly. He also teaches private lessons a few nights a week at the skatepark.

 Jesse enjoys traveling around to different skateparks and skateboard contests and would love to seeCharlottesville’s new park improved past the standards of surrounding communities.


Pete Hanson – Local Skater; Skateboard instructor.

 Pete Hanson began skateboarding at age 7. He graduated from theUniversityofIllinoisatChicagoin 2001 with a BA in Graphic Design and currently works for Intramural-Recreational Sports at theUniversityofVirginia. Some of his favorite places to skate includeBarcelona,Marseilles,Prague,Portland,PhoenixandVirginia. He is also employed by Charlottesville Parks & Recreation and in his freetime teaches skateboarding at the McIntire Skatepark.


Dan Zimmerman– Local Skater; Father; Architect.

Dan started skating when he was 12 (1985). He skated curbs, ditches and mini-ramps until he was 19 years old and started his first year at Virginia Tech where he studied to be an architect. He became a licensed architect in 2000 and lived in NYC for a few years before moving toCharlottesvillein 2004 with his wife, Serena Gruia. Dan started skating again in 2007 soon after his first son was born. He had picked up a friend’s longboard at a party and started bombing the many hills ofCharlottesville. He soon met a group of older skaters who introduced him to bowl skating. Since then he has been going to the local skatepark every week with his son as well as visiting other skateparks when ever he travels. 


Bruce Vlk – Local Skater; Secret Agent; Vanna Whites prime nemesis.





Andrew Shurtleff –  Skateboarder/advocate of skateboarding for over 25 years; Resident of Charlottesville; Director of photography for the Daily Progress.

 Andrew has volunteered numerous hours helping to revitalize the aging ramps at the McIntire skatepark. He is currently working with committee members and city officials to develop relocation and design strategies for the soon to be displaced skatepark.



Alex Barber–  Alex has been skating in theCharlottesvillearea for the past five years and is a high school senior. He also is a team rider for Freestyle and is working there through the winter months. Alex skates at McIntire skatepark often and wants to seeCharlottesvillepursue the goal of “a World Class Skatepark for aWorldClassCity”. He also encourages all who read this to get involved – no matter how young or old; “We need as much support as we can from the community to get this project the momentum it needs”.





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