Jesse Ewers

Photo - J. Reihn

List all of your nicknames that you’ve ever had.

Thumbs, Grandpa, and Yardbird to name a few.

Have you ever given someone a nickname that stuck?

Nah i wish.

What’s your favorite easy trick?

Prolly switch hardflips or 5-0 shuvs.

What one trick would you like to be able to do, but really don’t think you ever will, even though you sometimes try?

Hha thats a long list but mainly F/S bigspins regular and switch.

What new tricks are you working on now?

I guess just trying to flip in and out of my grinds. Lol im still stuck on front blunt slides. Its definitely a work in progress thats for sure. If you already have that trick then mad props to you.

What is your current set up?

Drama 8.25 deck with mob grip, hubba 52mm wheels, bones super reds bearings, theeve trucks, and shortys 1inch hardware.

Red heads, blondes or brunettes?

Definitel brunettes. Reds are too spicey and blondes are too much to handle.

Where are you from originally?

Where are you now? charlottesville represent baby.

What do you like to do when not skating?

I like to watch horror movies and eat lots of food. If i wasnt skating i would be fat as hell haha.

What superhero can beat up all other superheroes?

Batman would win. He can do just about anything.

What is your superpower?

I would like to be able to brainwash everyone so that i wouldnt have to do anything myself.


The U.S. A. is the greatest country in the world. Why?

Its all about the freedom. Being Able to make your own decisions in life is the best thing ever.

Who is your real life hero?

I would have to say my parents for everything they have done for me and Steve Goode for everything he does to keep drama alive.

Where are your favorite sk8 spots [existing and gone]?

I like the kroger banks out on 29 but good luck skating it now. The old park here in cville was the best. Brick 7 always makes for a good time.

Who are your top three favorite skaters?

Andrew Reynolds. Kerry Getz. Josh Kalis.

What’s your favorite jock sport?

Im a big fan of baseball and olympic wrestling.

Do you do any other action/ gravity “sports”?

nah i tried snowboarding once if that counts.

What kind of music grooves you?

80s music is the best. it cant be beat.

Tofu or beef [in moderation of course]?

Or – favorite source of protein? Im a really big fan of steak. I eat at outback once or twice a week.

What’s your birthday and when did you start sk8ing?

I was born on april 17th, 1987. I started skating in 2002 so its been awhile.

Sk8 or skate or skateboard?


What’s in heaven?

lol prolly 91 virgins playing harps or somethin.

What’s in hell?

lol hopefully a skatepark.

Does your mom like you to skate?

She wasnt too fond of it at first but shes cool with it now.

Top six people in your life and why?

I will just say all my friends and family. they are what motivate me and keep me going.

Additional props [so the rest of them don’t get wigged].

i think they fall into that friends section.

What’s the one thing you hope no one ever finds out about you?

haha umm i like to sing in the shower. haha it pumps me up.

Why are you like you are?

lol im still trying to figure that one out. if i ever do you will be the first to know.

Why did you start skating?

I wanted to be able to be free and do my own thing. Thats why skateboarding is number 1.

What was your first board?

It was a black label board with ricta wheels, grind king trucks, and speed demon bearings.

Do you have a ‘how I got my first board’ story?

haha yeah. i got on the A/B honor roll at school and my dad got me a board cause he said i deserved it. I never made the honor roll again cause i was too busy skating haha.

What is your “average” set-up?

either drama or freestyle decks. usually im riding thunder trucks but im trying these theeves out now. and i have been riding hubba wheels forever.

What’s the very first thing you ever remember?

hahaha everyone tells me i was fat when i was little. i dont really remember it though. but ive seen the photos.

Enter 2 questions of your own that weren’t asked.

hardees or kfc? definitely hardees.

Beverage of choice? Corona and pepsi (editors note: Jesse is of the age where he can legally participate in bad habits)