Alex Barber

• List all of your nicknames that you’ve ever had.
Jabarber, that’s about it.

• Have you ever given someone a nickname that stuck?

• What’s your favorite easy trick?
Tre flips and nollie big spins.

• What one trick would you like to be able to do, but really don’t think you ever will, even though you sometimes try?
Back smiths, they never work.

• What new tricks are you working on now
Kickflip back tails, front tail 270, and just transition in general.

• What is your current set up?
Freestyle 8.25, Venture trucks, threat wheels and all different bearings.

• Red heads, blondes or brunettes?

• Where are you from originally? Where are you now?
Charlottesville, Charlottesville.

• What do you like to do when not skating?
Not much, mainly watch skating or play music.

• What superhero can beat up all other superheroes?

• The U.S. A. is the greatest country in the world. Why?
I don’t know about that, but I like living here.

• Where are you favorite sk8 spots?
Habitat, U.V.A. on Sundays and just everything. It’s all fun.

• Who are your top three favorite skaters?
Davis Torgerson, Josiah Gatlyn, Yaje Popson.

• What’s your favorite jock sport?
&*!# jocks.

• Do you do any other action/ gravity “sports”?
I went snowboarding once but other than that no.

• What kind of music grooves you?
Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

• Tofu or beef [in moderation of course]? Or – favorite source of protein?
Beef for sure.

• What’s your birthday and when did you start sk8ing?
6/6/94 and Febuary 2007

• Sk8 or skate or skateboard?
Go skate.

• What’s in heaven?
Fun, pleasure, skating.

• What’s in hell?
I suppose the opposite of the above.

• Does your mom like you to skate?
Probably not but she’s okay with it.

• Top six people in your life and why?
Mom, Dad, Dan, Elijah, Landon, and everybody.

• What’s the one thing you hope no one ever finds out about you?
Wouldn’t you like to know?

• Why did you start skating?
My friend across the street had a board and I thought it looked fun.

• What was your first board?
Kryptonic target board.

• What is your “average” set-up?
Freestyle 8.25 with whatever I happen to have.

• What’s the very first thing you ever remember?
Driving to the hospital in 97.

• Park or Streets?
No question streets.

• Favorite city to skate in?
Richmond or Lynchburg.