Service and Repair

CV Work Shop Rates for web

Wintergreen Shop Services & Rates:

General Shop Rate: $60.00 per hour

Tune Work

Machine Hot Wax: $9.00
Hot Wax: $25.00
Standard Sharpen & Wax: $29.00
Premium Sharpen & Wax: $39.00
Standard Stone Grind Glide: $39.00
Premium Stone Grind Glide: $49.00
Standard Rail Rider: $35.00
Premium Rail Rider: $39.00
Custom Tune: per quote
Major Ski/Board Repair: $50/hr

Binding Work

Binding Calibration and test: $30.00
Mount and Calibration: $60.00
Remount and Calibration: $60.00
X-C Mount: $15.00
Tele Mount: $25.00
Snowboard Mount: $40.00

NOTE: Discounts are given on mounting fees if the equipment is purchased at Freestyle

Rush Fee: $25.00 additional

Freestyle has a state of the art workshop which provides complete service for everything we sell. Our Wintersteiger equipment and knowledgeable staff allow us to provide our customers the quality service adrenaline sports demand. Our specially trained staff will help you determine what needs to be done and get you back out playing as quickly as possible. As with all service work, the turn-around time depends on how busy the workshop is so please try to plan in advance. (i.e.. If you bring a pair of skis in to be tuned Dec. 23 and want them back Dec 24, chances are we will not be able to do it).