Custom Boot Fitting

How to get your ski boots to fit:
Lets face it, skiing is an unnatural sport…you get up early in the morning, put on a lot of clothes, go outside in the cold, put some plastic devices on your feet, and finally strap on some planks and grab a set of sticks now you are ready to go…or are you?

Bootfitting is more than finding a boot that doesn’t “hurt” your feet. Freestyle takes the time and expertise needed to properly fit a skier or snowboarder. This can mean custom footbeds, fabricated to enhance your skiing performance, add comfort and reduce fatigue. It can mean alignment of the boot cuff or a total stance alignment. We have trained and experienced staff plus the tools for all the important elements of a good fit and custom stance alignment.

Below are a few images of our boot tools: stretchers… to adapt the shell shape to your foot shape; the boot sole planer….. allows us to change the angle of the sole to correct stance issues (bow legged or knock knee); the router….enables us to get the toe and heel lugs back in DIN after we plane and intstall the lifters.


From the less experienced or budget minded skier to the seasoned veteran, we will have you feeling better than you ever felt on skis.

Custom Boot Work

Custom Boot Work: $75 per hour
Boots Purchased from Freestyle: No Charge for minor adjustments 1 year after purchase

Stance Alignment
New Boot planning w/ lifters & binding calibration: $225.00
Used Boot planning w/lifters & binding calibration: $255.00

Install Binding Cants per pair of skis: $100.00